Our unique triune approach delivers client benefits... For those who have not yet reached the fullness of their potential and want more, 3CExcel provides total solutions designed to equip, enable & empower individuals and teams to achieve personal and professional excellence in their chosen endeavour. You will increase your success through the application of our unique ‘next generation’ assessment based solutions, delivered by a cadre of world class coaches, consultants, & psychotherapists

How do we achieve your success?... 25 years’ experience has taught us that depositing knowledge, educating and teaching skills, whilst very valuable is not sufficient to obtain sustainable transformation. How often have we seen individuals hyped up at the training only to have returned to their default positions, three months down the line?  The powerful success of the 3CExcel solutions is rooted in the unique approach which examines and develops the ‘whole person’, nature & nurture, as opposed to simply trying to change behaviour or teach skills.  Our approach improves your Chemistry, by enhancing your ‘Presence’ and ability to ‘Connect.’ It cultivates your Character by developing your ‘Emotional Maturity’and ability to ‘Influence’, whilst developing your Competence, by accentuating your ‘Strengths, Talents & Gifting’.

CHEMISTRY... "a convivial reaction deemed to be instinctual, between two or more persons". Building significant relationships and connecting productively through rapid rapport building and developing influence, is instinctive for some but daunting for others. You will develop communication excellence and positive, productive relationships.

CHARACTER... “is our disposition of distinctive qualities, developed from our beliefs and values accumulated in early life and reinforced over time”. Determining your responses in every situation; develop ‘strength of character’ through being what you believe in, demonstrating consistency & congruence between values, mature reasoning and actions.

COMPETENCE...“is the condition of being capable of delivering what is required, to the required standard" . Embrace your Strengths Talent & Gifting, utilised in the pursuit of excellence, whilst conducting a task or delivering a service. It is about matching and developing abilities in order to achieve high performance as well as realising individual and team potential.    

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