TRANSFORMATION... Many coaches would claim to transform individuals, teams or the organisation. Few would be able to describe where that transformation actually takes place within an individual, or what the transformation process entailed and how it happened. This is the 3CExcel explanation of Personal Transformation, the different conditions and catalysts required to initiate transformation, and the essential stages required in sequence, for true transformation to occur. Personal Transformation relates to how people appear to change on the outside only as a result of what has transformed on the inside.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION... is neither natural nor easy and can only be achieved one way.   The more we are prepared to be honest with ourselves and the more we begin to understand ourselves then the better we will be equipped when we face the challenge of having to become transformed in order to improve our success or increase our happiness. Staying as we are is not an option; if we are not growing then we are going backwards. If we are to grow then we need to embrace the need for personal transformation. Now is the time for honesty, the time to start telling ourselves the truth, the time to take responsibility for who we are, where we are going and the behaviours that are taking us there.

LIFE SEQUENCE... There is a perpetual life sequence, which shapes our destiny. Happening thousands of time a day, it always starts with a 'thought' which is arrived at through the interpretation of our five senses. Thoughts cluster together and our internal interpretation of these produce 'feelings'. As a result of our feelings, we make decisions and 'act' (or behave) according to how we decide to interpret these thoughts and feelings. As we repeat our behaviours, these become our 'habits' and these habits repeated go on to determine our 'character'. It is the strength of character that we form which ultimately determines our destiny. Sadly along the way, external influences and internal interpretations cause us to reach our destination which may not be our desired or intended destiny. The personal transformation journey is designed to help us make 'better decisions' and consequently better outcomes throughout the life sequence.     


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