Ken Buist is an author and popular speaker on Behavioural Transformation, Developing Character and achieving Personal Authenticity through Transformational coaching.  He is a renowned innovator in the field of achieving personal excellence through the nurture of our ‘seeds of greatness’. Ken has impacted the lives of thousands of people at conferences, seminars and workshops in over 20 countries. He could do the same for you and your organization. View details of some keynote presentations below.

Many specialists would claim to transform individuals, teams or the organisation. Few would be able to describe where that transformation actually takes place within an individual, what the transformation process entails and how it happens.  During his presentations, Ken reveals exactly how transformation takes place - the different conditions and catalysts required to initiate transformation, and the essential stages required, in sequence, for true transformation to occur.

Ken delivers a unique and powerful suite of keynote presentations entitled 3D Transformation. These are aimed at equipping individuals to obtain personal excellence as well as outstanding results.

People will tend to experience success and fulfilment in their life to the extent that they are clear about their Life Purpose. Each of us is uniquely ‘shaped’ but not yet fully developed for a distinct purpose. Understanding your ‘shape’ which includes your Temperament, Passion, Skills, Talents, Gifting & Character can be the starting point for Discovering Your Purpose.    

You will be challenged to consider what you are naturally good at and passionate about, along with your vision and dreams. You will clarify your values and set goals to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Ken will demonstrate how finding your purpose will reduce stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions and give direction and meaning to your life.

A ‘stronghold’ is a fortress of thoughts which can control, dictate and influence our attitudes, emotions & behaviour. Often undiagnosed for many years, they can anchor a potentially highly successful individual, consistently in the mediocre.

Ken’s message identifies the numerous common strongholds, how they become erected in our lives, and how we can go about demolishing them and remain stronghold free.

The question is often not “do I have a stronghold?” rather “which strongholds do I have and how can I be free of them?” Demolition will often bring dramatic transformation in the lives of individuals freed from this tyranny.

We are each responsible for our own destiny. All of us have the potential for an abundant and prosperous life. We each have the potential to achieve great things, yet many of us will die before realising our full potential or achieving the life we always wanted. Our destination will become our destiny.

During this presentation, Ken traces the pathway from individual initial thought to eventual destiny. He examines what we can do at different stages of the pathway to ensure we transform our lives, thereby designing the destiny we want.

This is a real ‘Ah ha’ presentation which ‘turns the light bulb on’ for many. Ken provides the means by which individuals can radically transform their lives, enabling them to turn what was a hope or dream into a vision and reality.

Success is something you attract by the person you become. Success then is not something that happens ‘to’ you, but something that happens ‘through’ you. This presentation will help Transform your Success by equipping you to achieve the next level and beyond. It will also help you to become 'more attractive' and valuable to your clients, your contacts your company and yourself. Many of us are 'shaped for success' but 'programmed for failure’; this presentation will start the reprogramming process for success.
You will be encouraged to take a confidential but fierce personal inventory in order to lay the essential solid foundations for the success you will attract into your life. Whatever your role at whatever level within any organisation, becoming more valuable enables you to tap into a vast potential which is available to everyone. Prepare to be challenged to develop your 'shape' and become the person you had always hoped to be.

Truly effective leadership is rooted in Trust, Informal Authority, has Depth of Character and possesses Vision and Courage. As an individual, each of us has a distinct leadership ‘shape’ within which we are uniquely equipped but not yet fully developed or mature. Leadership then is as much about who you are as it is about what you do. At its core, leadership is about having influence, and consequently, acquiring followers of your vision.

Churchill and Ghandi were both exceptional leaders, but with two unique & different leadership ‘shapes’. Their shapes determined their motivation, what they liked doing best and how they derived fulfillment in their leadership roles. Their shape also represented how they tended to lead when working with others, how they preferred to get things done, and where their natural gifts, talents, and personal qualities lay.

During this presentation you will uncover your ‘leadership shape’ as well as important keys to releasing your full leadership potential. In addition you will receive a personal report describing in detail your leadership character.

Trust & Rapport are at the heart of every client, colleague or personal relationship. The ability to build quality, productive and trusted relationships is what underpins every individual, team or orgaisational success story.

Ken discusses what TRUST is and the six crucial dimensions that make up trustworthiness. He then goes on to describe how everyone can be viewed and become more trustworthy because of some changed thinking and behaviour.

He examines the process of RAPPORT then goes on to illustrate the key essential principles required to be in place in order for 'rapport' to occur and to be sustained. You will be introduced to The Rapport Builder™ a powerful on-line tool which equips you to build rapport with anyone.

You will learn how to significantly enhance your Personal Chemistry & Charisma by adapting your thinking and your behaviour. You will become more Influential & Persuasive significantly increasing your opportunities for business and personal success.

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