Coaching Philosophy

In order to achieve personal and professional excellence from coaching, it must be viewed as an intimate process, unique for each individual, achieved through a collaborative effort. The decision to embrace coaching and the choice of the ‘right coach’ is an important one that can have far reaching consequences. In order to be successful, our approach requires mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual concern, mutual comfort and collaboration. Although we have tried, tested and proven methodologies, we view every person as an individual. We view each situation and each individual as unique and offer a tailor made approach, rather than a ‘quick fix’ boilerplate method of assisting people.

What do we mean by coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organisations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. The word 'client' is used to denote the person who is being coached, regardless of who is paying for the service. 3CExcel coaches work with clients in a variety of areas and business disciplines. As a result of coaching, clients:

    • Set more effective goals
    • Make better quality decisions
    • Become more personally liberated
    • Take more decisive action
    • Become high quality leaders
    • Enjoy greater freedom
    • Fully use their natural gifts and talents

Coaching involves a journey of self-discovery leading to the releasing of untapped and as yet unrealised potential. It is aimed at achieving specific, agreed professional and personal outcomes that are in line with both the individual’s sense of purpose and value system. Designed to stretch, these outcomes will normally deliver the individual far beyond where they would have got to on their own.

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