Coaching Process

Coaching sessions can take place in a variety of ways. For Transformational Coaching, we always recommend face–to–face meetings. Other coaching methods may include phone, email, video coach or internet mail. Our objective is to present a safe environment for these connections. Some goals can be achieved in a relatively short time. Others require more in-depth work. What ever is required, the decision on how to proceed will be made jointly by the client and the coach.

How Our Coaching Sessions Work

All coaching consultations are private and completely confidential. If the client completes any personal assessments, these will remain the private property of the client and will only be seen by the client and coach. With a Coach, the client has an outside confidante and observer who will not hesitate to challenge him/her to learn, grow and develop, achieving results rapidly. The session content will be decided by the client or jointly, and can vary in length between a ½ hour telephone conversation, and a three hour face to face session. There is no set formula or agenda. Much is dependent on the synergy between the client and the coach which will build momentum and generate results.  

How long must I commit if I start working with a coach?

Most coaches would ask for a three to six month commitment, although some clients look for a year's commitment from the coach. Face to face sessions can be monthly with telephone or email contacts every two weeks. The length and frequency of connection will depend on the desire and requirement of the client. In the rare event of the coaching not seen to be working, the client may call a halt immediately. Whether instigated by the client or coach, we will always endeavour to appoint another coach, dependent on the client's wishes.

Good Relationship

Relationship is the essential foundation of successful coaching. The coach and client intentionally develop a relationship which is characterised by a growing and mutual appreciation and respect for each other as individual people. This is not based on either the client’s performance or position, nor is the relationship an adjunct to or a by-product of the coaching; it is an interdependent and not a dependent partnership.


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