The 3CExcel Partner Program - A Unique & Exciting opportunity to join the 3CExcel Partnership as a Partner Licensee.
This proposition will enhance your professional image & reputation as well as accelerate your personal income.
You will most likely be in a management, sales, coaching or a training role, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, with a desire to run your own business based on personal development, consultancy and training. Or you may currently be in employment looking for a sound business proposition which can propel you into profitable and rewarding self employment.

Increase your Proposition & Profits
This is an opportunity to become a business professional in an estimated £40 billion industry. Partner with a branded leader and take advantage of our support, products and Personal & Team Development success in the market place. The team have presented the 3CExcel methodologies at seminars & workshops in over 20 countries, to individuals, teams & organisations who have to date increased their revenue by several £million.

Designed With You In Mind
You can engage with us at the level that serves you best. These opportunities are designed with you in mind and aimed at connecting with your vision, your expertise and your budget. The opportunities are; 1) Associate Partner 2) Consultant Partner 3) Regional Partner

£££ - Excellent Potential - $$$
The core development programs, along with the on-line assessments, workbooks and workshops have been developed and delivered by the team to audiences of between 4 and 1000 people. They comprise of leading edge tools and solutions, providing an opportunity for on-going passive income. As a licensee, you will have marketing rights for a comprehensive range of workshops, coaching methodologies training programs and on-line solutions. The range covers the core subjects of Leadership, Personal & Sales development.

What Partners told us they wanted and we aim to provide!

  • A business I can call my own in which I make the decisions
  • Partner who works with me but does not smother me
  • Opportunity of ongoing mentoring as required
  • Ability to work from home or existing location
  • High quality foundational & ongoing training
  • Supply of new & unique propositions
  • Chance to grow with no restrictions
  • Integral part of an impressive team
  • On the job coaching when I need it
  • A powerful & recognised brand
  • Building a positive reputation
  • Significant earnings potential
  • Ability to fulfil my purpose

Obtain further details:
To discover more about this unique opportunity and to discuss in more depth the different levels and whether or not you have what it takes to be a 3CExcel Partner contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  To experience one of our unique on-line solutions, free of charge, simply go to: and follow instructions.

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