The Leadership Character Index

As a leader, we often think of enhancing our influence by developing the behaviour that arises from our Attitude, Skills & Knowledge. Followers, on the other hand, will often decide whether to do so or not, based on the “character” that shines through our behaviour when we connect, which we may or may not, be aware of. Scratch beneath the surface of any leadership personality and you will uncover 'character'. We express our leadership character as Personal Maturity and can assess it by measuring sixteen character traits contained within The Leadership Character Index™.

The Character Traits

  • DYNAMIC ATTITUDES: These four define the ways, or manner, in which we act. They touch the outside world with our inner world.
  • INWARD EXPRESSIONS: This group of characteristics impact our motives and denote the internal state from which our behaviours derive.
  • PASSIVE ATTITUDES: This group are often to be found in our actions or speech, but exist without the need to be socially expressed. We might describe them as characteristics we ‘hold’ or maintain.
  • OUTWARD EXPRESSIONS: Each of these, reflect ways in which we relate to others. They are what we actively demonstrate in our relationships.

The Character Suite™

The Index is part of The Character Suite™, a powerful transformation program designed to enable and equip you to master your character traits, and develop your leadership influence. Along with your in-depth personal report, you will receive a comprehensive workbook designed as a personal and permanent coach. This book will envision and equip you to turn limiting immature traits into powerful and productive mature traits.

Managed To & From your Desktop... all of this can be achieved using the latest and emerging technology. Simply answering 64 questions on-line will produce a  23 page report delivered instantly to your desktop or sent to a location of your choosing.


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