The Leadership Gifting Indicator

Discover, Design & Develop your LEADERSHIP GIFTING™... Leadership at its very core, is about having influence, and as a result of that influence, acquiring followers of your vision. To expand upon this, our definition of leadership states: “Leadership is the ability to influence, cast vision, inspire and motivate individuals, teams and organisations to harmoniously accomplish the goals set before them”.

The Leadership Gifting Indicator™ will reveal your preferred leadership gifting. It will also supply a comprehensive list of characteristics, along with suggestions for developing your gifting and achieving Professional Excellence in Leadership.

The Leadership Giftings™
Each of the seven segments represents a specific gift of leadership. One of them will be yours. It is the one that comes naturally to you and within which you are comfortable and competent. It tends to express how you feel about expediting tasks, the manner in which you relate to those with whom you collaborate and the type of leader that others perceive you to be.

The Leadership Characteristics
Your personal assessment will report on: your particular leadership focus and your manner of relating to others. The emotional impact of your gifting, the way your gifting operates and how someone with your gifting influences others.

How your leadership gifting best connects and how your gifting compares to the average, as well as characteristics you may need to develop. Others perception of your particular gifting, along with the strengths and limitations of your gifting. Your particular value to a team or organisation and the strengths and limitations of your backup gifting.

Managed To & From your Desktop All of this can be achieved using the latest and emerging technology. Simply answering 43 questions on-line will produce a 15 page report delivered instantly to your desktop or sent to a location of your choosing. Supporting your personal report is a comprehensive 40 page coaching workbook which will equip you to develop your gifting and eliminate behaviours which do not serve you as a leader.

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