• Become 3CExcel - DISC Certified.
  • Active, Assertive, Independent and Ambitious.
  • Persuasive, Demonstrative, Enthusiastic and Verbal.
  • Patient, Empathetic, Diplomatic and Kind.
  • Detailed, Precise, Analytical and Cautious.

The DISCovery Range

We have a range of DISC products which deliver an accurate assessment of 'Temperament', otherwise known as Personal Behavioural Style. Temperament is the biological dimension of our 'whole' person and represents the way we are ‘wired’. This pattern or predisposition is present from birth and is unlikely to change significantly throughout our lifetime. Our definition of temperament is; "The combined variety of inborn traits; the raw material which constitutes our unique nature. It governs our mood, as well as the manner and intensity of our reactions and responses – thinking, feeling and acting”. Ken Buist

A specific assessment designed for each situation.
Currently available are a number of different assessments relating to your behavioural traits and style expressed as Behavioural Style in a variety of situations. We also have combinations assessing Emotional Intelligence & Workplace Motivators. These include:

  • Behavioural Style
  • Personal Style + Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Style + Workplace Motivators
  • Sales Style
  • Communication Style
  • Customer Service Style
  • Team Building Style
  • Relationship Style
All of us display behaviours at different times that we would see as our strengths, serving our intentions. Unfortunately, hand in hand with those strengths can go behavioural weaknesses that do not ‘serve’ but 'sabotage' our intentions. However, if we were able to accentuate our strengths and manage those weaknesses, this would propel us towards greater personal effectiveness and ‘maturity’. There is little doubt that one of the biggest single influences on our behaviours is our Temperament. You can discover your temperament style today with one of the above assessments. All profiles are accompanied by a coaching workbook which will equip you to develop your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses for greater success. 


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